Full DVD Training Library....$1,600 value

The first step towards any successful business is proper training. At SCM we offer our exclusive Master Training Program, a $1600.00 value, at no cost to you. Our instruction, consisting of 36 different DVD.s, will take you through every facet of your operation. Our program will guide you through successful techniques, proven marketing strategies, as well as pricing and promoting in all markets. You will learn from experts in the field, time saving tips and tricks of engraving and sandblasting. Our DVD library is just another way SCM shows our continued commitment to your success.

Marketing Brochure CD....$150.00 value

20 Different Brochures & Business Cards You Can Customize with Your Information! Personalize your own marketing brochures and business cards with your name, phone number, website and photos. All you need is Microsoft Word to be able to personalize any brochure or business card and print it out on your own printer. Brochures on Stone Carving, Weddings, Corporate Awards, Gun Stocks and more. A $150.00 Value FREE