10 DVD Training Tapes....$500.00 value

The first step towards any successful business is proper training. At SCM we offer our exclusive Master Training Program, a $500.00 value, at no cost to you. Our instruction, consisting of 10 different DVD.s, will take you through every facet of your operation. Our program will guide you through successful techniques, proven marketing strategies, as well as pricing and promoting in all markets. You will learn from experts in the field, time saving tips and tricks of engraving and sandblasting. Our DVD library is just another way SCM shows our continued commitment to your success.

Router Base Attachment....$29.95 value

This is the attachment every engraver needs to add to their system. SCM has designed a router attachment to give you complete control over the depth at which you are engraving. Simply place it onto the end of the 400XS or Power Carver and never worry about going to deep into your surface. This router base allows you to lock down the router at any desired depth with its set screws and also provides clear visibility with its two side view ports. It.s perfect for doing inlay work, lettering, and borders. This will add an entire new dimension to your engraving! A $29.95 value FREE.

Straight Line Sleeve....$29.95 value

Positively the simplest and fastest way to engrave a straight line! Slips into the hand piece and is easily installed by set screws and an allen wrench which are included. The sleeve can be used with any ruler or straight edge and also serves to regulate the depth of cuts made on wood. A $29.95 value FREE.

Dust Buster....$29.95 value

The Dust Buster is a perfect add on for your high-speed system. The Dust buster attaches to your clear tubing on your engraver. The system has a rubber tip that you press on with your finger to activate the gentle airflow to blow away any heavy build up of debris. A $29.95 value FREE.