Full DVD Training Library....$1,600 value

The first step towards any successful business is proper training. At SCM we offer our exclusive Master Training Program, a $1600.00 value, at no cost to you. Our instruction, consisting of 36 different DVD.s, will take you through every facet of your operation. Our program will guide you through successful techniques, proven marketing strategies, as well as pricing and promoting in all markets. You will learn from experts in the field, time saving tips and tricks of engraving and sandblasting. Our DVD library is just another way SCM shows our continued commitment to your success.

Marketing Brochure CD....$150.00 value

20 Different Brochures & Business Cards You Can Customize with Your Information! Personalize your own marketing brochures and business cards with your name, phone number, website and photos. All you need is Microsoft Word to be able to personalize any brochure or business card and print it out on your own printer. Brochures on Stone Carving, Weddings, Corporate Awards, Gun Stocks and more. A $150.00 Value FREE

Clam Shell Designed Cabinet....$300.00 value

SCM's innovative design allows you to open the entire top half of the blasting cabinet from the front, as well as maintaining the original side door access. Front access allows for easy placement of larger and heavier projects. With the Clam Shell design, you have the benefit of a full size opening that benefits your larger items. The entire top of the cabinet opens up and away from you to accommodate your projects, very similar in design to an outdoor gas grill where the entire top half of the grill lifts up and away. With its unique design, our clam shell cabinet lifts up just below the armholes and eliminates the need to lift and push your heavy objects in from the side of the cabinet.


100LB Heavy Duty Portable Pressue Pot....$300.00 value

The ultimate option for the Jet Stream Two Sandblaster. Our 100lb portable system is designed to allow you the freedom to create projects outside the confines of your blasting cabinet. This unique feature provides you with the capability to create designs on boulders, windows, subdivision signs, etc. In addition to its portability, the 100LB pressure pot provides you with double the grit capacity of the standard 40LB pressure pot usually associated with the equipment. The unit also comes standard with its own built in funnel top that makes loading your unit with blasting media a breeze. Also included with the unit, is a heavy-duty turbo venturi system. This allows for precise mixing of blasting media flow giving you total control ensuring high precision detail whether carving on glass, or deep carving on stone. A $300.00 VALUE, YOURS FREE WITH THE PURCHASE OF YOUR SCM SANDBLASTING SYSTEM.

Stone Carving DVD....$150.00 value

Developed specifically for our SCM customers, our Stone Carving DVD provides the proper foundation for your Stone Carving business. We will take you through every step of the rock carving process, from small gift stones, garden markers, cornerstones, large subdivision signs to going portable.

Rock carving has increasingly become one of the hottest markets around. With the systems provided by SCM, our knowledgeable staff, and DVD training, you will be on your way to owning and operating your own successful business. You notice we don.t say small business, because it is entirely up to you to what level you choose to take your new endeavor.

With a Jet Stream Two System from SCM, you will have the ability to create a design or logo, deep carve it into rocks, stone, tile, glass, wood, metal.almost any hard surface. At SCM, we will assist you in every step of the process, from how to make your own stencils, creating an individual masterpiece, mass producing items, and pricing and marketing those items for distribution. We will teach you what you need to know to go .portable., add color inlay to your products, and recycle your grit for maximum productivity and cost control.

At SCM our goal continues to be to assist you in becoming one of the many customers finding success in the Custom Engraving Business. With our support, and your determination, SUCCESS IS ONLY LIMITED BY YOUR IMAGINATION. A $150.00 Value FREE

High Efficiency Automatic Moisture System

A $150.00 value

Rustic Wildlife & Tropical Design CD....$160.00 value

Two of the best artwork CD.s from SCM. Our Rustic CD artwork package is filled with exclusive designs developed for our SCM customers. Our artists have transformed images of Bear, Hunting Dogs, Moose, Pheasants, Elk, Wolves, Eagles, Ducks and many more and put them on a vector art CD perfect for use with your sandblasting or engraving equipment. Every image captures the very essence of each animal, alone or in his or her natural habitat. This is a must have for your artwork library. This CD artwork package contains 75 of our most popular designs in .AI -, eps file format (vector art). A $80.00 value FREE

Tropical images spring to life in this artwork CD. Our artists have transformed your requests into a brilliant artwork display perfect for sandblasting and engraving. Don.t worry, this CD is also perfect for use with your Magnum Force as you can reduce and enlarge the images without any loss of detail. We have created 76 exclusive vector images, Egrets, Dolphins, palm trees, Sea Turtles, door designs, and many, many more. Bring the tropics inside by detailing a mirror, window or door, or bring some warmth to your yard by creating a stone masterpiece. Whatever you choose, this artwork CD is a must have. All designs come in .AI and .EPS formats. A $80.00 value FREE

Stand and Basket....$250.00 value

The Magnum Force Cutter can be set on a tabletop or set on a stand. This allows for flexibility for going portable or moving around inside your studio. The basket allows you to collect the stencil after cutting to keep you organized. A $250 value.

Roll of 42 Mil Blast Mask....$100.00 value

The 42mil Blast Mask is the best stenciling material for the Stone Carving. This mask hold extremely tight to the coarse and rough type stones for perfect crisp and clean cuts. The mask peels off clean with no residue left on the stone. The 42 mil Blast Mask allows for the deepest carving. The roll size is 15" x 30ft long. This is a $100.00 value FREE

Roll of Transfer Tape....$15.00 value

The transfer tape allows you the ability to transfer your designs to the surface that you will be carving into. The tapes will hold the detail together while applying the stencil to your surface. A $15.00 value.

Router Base Attachment....$29.95 value

This is the attachment every engraver needs to add to their system. SCM has designed a router attachment to give you complete control over the depth at which you are engraving. Simply place it onto the end of the 400XS or Power Carver and never worry about going to deep into your surface. This router base allows you to lock down the router at any desired depth with its set screws and also provides clear visibility with its two side view ports. It.s perfect for doing inlay work, lettering, and borders. This will add an entire new dimension to your engraving! A $29.95 value FREE.

Straight Line Sleeve....$29.95 value

Positively the simplest and fastest way to engrave a straight line! Slips into the hand piece and is easily installed by set screws and an allen wrench which are included. The sleeve can be used with any ruler or straight edge and also serves to regulate the depth of cuts made on wood. A $29.95 value FREE.