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This is our most popular business package.
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This system offers the widest opportunities by including the complete engraving and sandblasting packages.
Plus a lot more !
System One
System One
Jet Stream One
Jet Stream One

Included with the Classic System:

System One
Full Package Including... Artwork, Exclusive Stencil System, Automatic Moisture Release, Air Control Pack, Safety Goggles & Respirators, Diamond & Carbide Bits, Handpiece Cradle, Foot Control, Cleaning Stone, Professional Carrying Case, Stencil Remover, Finishing Brush, Bit Box, Drill Case, SCM Training Manual & Business Guide

Photo Image
Exposure System, Photo Image Film, Application Adhesive, Trigger Jet, Sandblasting Videos, Photo Image Instructions, Art Library, and Vellum.

Jet Stream System
Blaster Pen, Tungsten-Carbide Blasting Nozzle, Complete Jet Stream Blaster Cabinet, Exclusive DVD/Video Training Program , Instruction Manual.

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Also Included with the Classic System:

Dust Cabinet
The beautifully crafted portable dust collecting system will allow for a virtually dust-free engraving environment. SCM's dust collector includes Plexiglas shields and variable speed fans that draw up to 720 cubic feet or air per minute past your work. Over 90% of even the finest carving debris will be collected. Overall dimensions are 8" x 10 3/8" x 23"
Marketing Support Package
Top Ten Technical Videos
Ten videos devoted entirely to reaching the most profitable and best markets out there. These videos include pricing guides, product ideas, tips on engraving, and the most productive way to tap in these markets. These markets include:
Weddings, wood plates, egg shells, baseball and other sports, knives, gun stocks, perfume bottles, holiday, corporate awards, and scrimshaw.
Rose Marie Cook's Art Package
Over 400 pages of artwork, designs, names, dates, times, and excellent marketing ideas. This extensive volume covers weddings, holidays, special events, engraving tips, baseball marketing, and many more areas.
4-Color Marketing Brochure
Two professional brochures to aid in your sales presentation. A general 4-color brochure - perfect for the wedding, gun, knife, and egg markets. A 32-page 4-color gift and awards catalog also !
Silent Security System
A Car is Stolen Every 20 Seconds !
With auto theft on the rise, businesses that focus on theft prevention are becoming more successful. This has made the Silent Security System extremely profitable for those individuals looking for a business of their own and established companies looking for additional services. The vehicle identification number (VIN) is engraved in the corner of every window of the automobile. When a car thief steals your car, the first thing they do is change the VIN. Now that the number is permanently engraved in the window, they have to change every window ! This is a very time consuming job (6-8 hours), not to mention the cost ($1500). The thief will move on to an unmarked vehicle.

System Includes:
Lettering Machine - This portable computer produces letters, numbers, and designs for easy setup.
Instructional Manual - For identification on vehicle, home, and business.
Vehicle Stickers - 100 adhesive stickers for marking cars.
Warning Stickers - These are placed at the entrance of buildings and homes.
Complete Training Video
Carrying Case - Attractive case to carry you materials.
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