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Jet Stream Two
Jet Stream Two
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Featuring: Customer Membership Program
Sandblasting with jet stream two
Multi-Stage Glass
Exclusive DVD/Video Training Program 
Deep Carving Capability With Laser Precision Detail
From Deep Carving River Rocks to Champaign Flutes
Easy fill, Hopper Mounted 40 lb. Pressure Pot
Deep Carving Capability
Multistage Blasting
System One Marketing Program
Newsletter Subscription
Lifetime Toll Free Technical & Marketing Support

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Exposure System
This exposure system unit is a compact unit which provides exceptional imaging results. The unique cylindrical design provides an exposure area up to an 11" x 14" size. With the built-in timer, you are assured an accurate exposure. This system allows you to create Laser precision Detail with no hand cutting. You can create one of a kind or mass production projects in minutes which used to take hours.
Photo Image Film
The key to creating Laser Precision detail. 10 sheets. (10" x 12" size) of 3 mil. thick photo image film.The nice feature with the photo image film is you only have to use the size piece of film for your project so there is no wasted film. You will have plenty of film for many different projects.
Photo Image Instructions
Written details on the photo image process.
Complete Video Training
The training from SCM will take you every step of the way from the proper settings to exposing thru applying to your different surfaces such as Glass, Stone, Wood, Metal and more. You will be making perfect designs right from the start. SCM will show you how to make your larger designs as well. This video walks you through the photo image process step-by-step.
Trigger Jet Sprayer
The trigger jet provides a unique opportunity for the photo image user to effectively wash out and develop their images after exposure. The trigger jet uses ordinary water. The complete process is environmentally safe. No more hand-washing, the trigger jet allows you to achieve extremely detailed stencils in minutes.
Application Adhesive
This specially formulated photo image application adhesive adheres the stencil to your surface. This adhesive is sandblastable and water soluble.
Art Library
Hundreds of designs perfect for sandblasting.
This vellum allows the exposure of light to transmit the black and white artwork to the film, other paper prohibits the light. This combined with the Photo Image Film allows for Laser Precision Detail.


Tungsten-Carbide Nozzle
1/8" long lasting, quick release tip is included.
40 lb. Pressure Pot Hopper-Mounted
This great feature allows you to, with simple pull of a lever, filter and fill the pressure pot without touching the abrasive. Another great feature for precise adjustments, is the self-sealing pressure pot for quick media adjustments. We also offer an optional 100lb Pressure Pot for portability. This system is designed for Laser Precision Detail as well as Deep Carving capabilities. Everything about this system is designed and built to handle the delicate detail and the portable projects you will produce. The venturies and mixing valves are all heavy duty built for production.
Foot Control
Simply put this is the best foot control on the market today. The older style had a diaphragm gasket and had to make many bends and turns to operate. The Easy Flow Valve is straight thru. This means higher flow rates without any disruptions in grit flow. It is a must in producing you products. Lightning fast on/off foot pedal controls the air flow to the handpiece for precise control.
Abrasive Sand
50 pounds of aluminum oxide, 180 grit.
Dust Collector
Dual filtration 90cfm, 115 volt with collection 5 micron bag. Including all connections for simple hook up.
Jet Stream Cabinet
The Jet Stream Two cabinet comes with everything you need. It comes with a pair of comfortable gloves to control the objects being sandblasted. Heavy duty construction. Large side loading door, large viewing windows, oblong arm holes for greater flexibility inside the cabinet, easy adjustment of abrasive mix. The Jet Stream Two is built to withstand the light duty gift items as well as the heavy duty of Stone and Rock carving with everything in between
SCM offers a lifetime warranty on the Jet Stream cabinet.
Instructional Video
SCM exclusive training tapes will take you every step of the way from setting up your system to placing your stencils to adding color. We cover all the different surfaces for you. No guess work involved. This training video will walk you through the system set-up and sandcarving techniques on glass, wood, stone, multistage and coloring techniques. How to recycle your grit, going portable, Laser precision detail to deep carving we cover it all for you.
Instructional Manual
Complete instruction manual for operation.
Shipping Weight
225 lbs
Dimensions Overall Inside Window
Width 38.5" 38" 25.5
Height 63" 24" 10.5"
Depth 24.5" 24" -
Marketing and Pricing Guide
This Package is what SCM is known for. Why reinvent the wheel. SCM has been in the Personalization business since 1988. You will benefit from our experience and the 1,000’s of satisfied customers worldwide. The guide will take the mystery out of marketing your products and services in the personalization business. This guide is priceless. This is a comprehensive manual that will help you start your personalization business. SCM’s step-by-step guide shows you how to start your business and gives you pricing guidelines on what to charge for you products. SCM will go thru hundreds of products and provide guidelines on wholesale and retail prices, you will know what you should be charging per hour, along with giving you guidelines on how to approach the most popular types of prospects and businesses. A sampling of the popular markets included are: personalizing rocks (pet memorials, river rocks, address markers), weddings, wine bottles, large glass panels, gifts, awards, wood, on site jobs, plus many more.
Instructional Video
SCM has an extensive video training program for you. Our training tapes will take you thru every tip and trick of our trade. There will be no guessing on how to set up your equipment or how to use it. SCM’s extensive training videos will walk you through all the needed steps on how to deeply carve a river rock to a finely etched Champaign flute. You will learn the beautiful technique of multi-stage carving deeply into glass and even how to sandblast portable. Each technique is different and SCM’s expertise is shared with their customers in the unique training videos. The tape will take you thru where to place your system, the proper settings, how to etch into glass, stone, wood and metal. SCM will show you how to add color to your projects for display items or projects that are going to stay outdoors. We also show you how to finish off your project for presenting it to your customer. You will receive over 2 hours of valuable instructions that is a must!!!
Newsletter Subscription
The SCM newsletter will keep you up to date on the latest trends in the Personalization business. We keep you informed on new techniques on how to produce products faster and new ideas on the hot markets that will keep you ahead of the game. We will keep you informed on new equipment and products that SCM develops. There is also technical information that will help you in your marketing efforts on pricing and promoting,
Toll-free Technical Support (Lifetime)
When you become an SCM customer, answers to all your questions are available at your fingertips via our toll-free telephone support system. Whether it's a technical question, product inquiry, or whatever, we'll be there with the help when you need it.
Toll-free Marketing Support (Lifetime)
SCM’s marketing support line is a valuable service to aid our customers in pricing and promoting their services. This service includes how to price and promote your services. All you have to do is call. Lets say you have to quote a customer for a large project and you want to be sure you are going to give the proper price, Just give SCM a call we will walk you thru every step so that when you present you price you will be confident you are not to high or to low. This confidence will show in your presentation. This support will help you in the beginning steps, until your business has grown to a successful, prosperous endeavor.

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