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This artwork package is filled with designs you will not find anywhere else. There is not another artwork package on the market that will compare to these rustic wildlife images. These beautiful designs are perfect for all customers. You can enlarge or shrink these designs without any loss of detail! They were created for the Jet Stream Photo Image, Magnum Force cutter and the high-speed engraver. These designs include a variety of animal scenes including: bear, hunting dogs, moose, pheasants, elk, wolves, eagles, ducks and many more. These are the images our customers have been asking for. This artwork is perfect for glass, wood, stone carving or any surfaces. This artwork package has 75 designs in .AI - .eps file format (vector art). We have .jpg as well (not vector). A program, like Dragon Cut, will be needed to be able to open these file extensions. Order now and receive the best artwork package you will ever find.