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Jet Stream Blaster

The SCM Jet Stream Micro Sandblaster pen is so lightweight and easy to use, it's like using a pencil! You can create beautiful designs, monograms and messages on glass, marble, stone, wood, acrylics and many other surfaces, curved or flat. You can even hand-write calligraphy directly on glassware without using stencils! You don't need artistic ability, if you can hold a pen, your in business. Perfect for personalizing gifts like glassware and perfume bottles, etching inscriptions on plaques and awards, and much more - your success is only limited by your imagination.

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Photo Image for Sandblasting

SCM photo resist film offers the sandcarving industry one of the most effective methods in creating sandblast resist masks in-house. This unique product enables anyone to produce impressive and highly detailed images for a variety of applications.


Photo image is quickly, easily, and inexpensively processed in-house. The processing steps are simple. A photopositive of the artwork to be etched on the object is placed on the sheet of Photo Image film and exposed. Photo Image is washed with water. Afterwards, the film can be dried at room temperature or with a conventional blow dryer.


Our specially formulated Photo Image Application Adhesive is brushed directly on the object to be etched, assuring an even and smooth coat that is completely blastable. A fine membrane layer in the film keeps all detail together assuring consistent transfers to the substrate. Remove the carrier sheet and begin blasting. Order our Introductory Video to find out more.

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