Jet Stream Advantage

Game changing design.

  • Heavy Duty Built for Production
  • Clamshell Design
  • Portable
  • Easy Front Loading
  • Easy Side Door Access
  • Professional Grade

Vortex Mix Grit System

Delivers the perfect mix for deep carving & precision detail.

  • Allows Total Control
  • Deep Carving
  • High Detail
  • Portable
  • Industrial Strength

Dual Stage Filtration System

High Performance / Maximum Efficiency

  • Maximum Visibility
  • Dual Stage Cartridge
  • Dual Stage Filter
  • Heavy Duty Motor
  • Power Clean

Magnum Force Stencil Cutter

Built for precision and speed.

  • Cuts the thick 42mil Blast Mask
  • Quad Grip Roller System
  • Heavy Duty Servo Motor
  • Extra Strength Rail System
  • 5 Year Rock Solid Warranty

Blast Mask 42 Mil Stencil

Special Formula

  • Super Grip Adhesive
  • Very Flexible and Pliable
  • No Brush On Adhesive Needed
  • Crisp Clean Cuts
  • Easy Side Door Access
  • Leaves No Residue

Watch How to Engrave Pet Memorials with the Jet Stream Advantage

Deep Engraving

SCM has innovated the deep engraving process into stone, wood, glass, brick, and many more. There is no longer the time consuming and painstaking process of hand chiseling your designs into a surface.

With the Jet Stream Advantage there is no faster or better way to do stone engraving. SCM has a unique Vortex Mixing System that allows for the deep engraving.

This is a great complement to SCM’s 400xs Power Carver and runs off the same small compressor.

Guided, Step-by-Step Process

SCM will take you through the process step by step of how to make a stencil using the easiest software on the market, to applying the stencil, to how to carve.

We will show you how to add color to your products, how to price and promote your services, as well as many other tricks we have developed over the last 33 years.

Complete Portability

The Jet Stream Advantage allows for complete portability for your carving. Whether you want to engrave in your garage, a shop, or on the go, the Jet Stream Advantage is the only system on the market that allows for this type of flexibility.

Surfaces That The SCM Jet Stream Advantage Can Engrave On

Click on each material to view pictures of what anyone can do with the Jet Stream Advantage.

Engraving with the Jet Stream Advantage
is as easy as 1-2-3

1. Create a Stencil

Turn any artwork into a stencil with SCM’s easy to use software.

2. Print and Apply Your Stencil

Click the “Cut” button and simply apply your stencil to your surface.

3. Engrave Your Design

Click the “Cut” button and simply apply your stencil to your surface.


5 Star Rating

Thanks SCM for your support and the thorough training that came with my Jet Stream Advantage. You deserve an A+. I am so busy engraving address stones and couldn’t have done it without your help.

- George A.

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