Wildlife Brush Style 3

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Manufactured in the USA
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OVER 35 DESIGNS of realistic wildlife images come to life in this spectacular artwork collection. You will be amazed by the intricate detail brought to life by our SCM artists. These original brush stroke drawings are so realistic you’ll be amazed by the quality. Geese in flight, wolves in their natural habitat, eagles soaring, ducks landing and taking off, elk in the woods, deer in the woods, and many more. If you are looking for some incredible designs of wildlife, you have found it. The brush style is perfect for glass, wood, metal, stone and many more. This artwork is perfect for the Photo Image process for sandblasting as well for the engraving process. You can create beautiful multi-stage blasting with different levels on glass. You can use the high speed engravers as well. Make sure you have a program that can open these file formats such as Dragon Cut - .JPG, .TIF and .EPS. Remember, great designs start with great artwork.