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Business Potential

If You Can Trace, You Can Start Your Own Engraving Business!

If you'd love to start your own business at home - in a career that's both enjoyable and profitable - here's a golden and affordable opportunity from SCM!

Rock Carving Glass Etching Multi-stage Glass

As you may know, the demand for personalized custom engraving is rapidly and steadily growing. And while custom engraving was formerly limited to extremely talented creative artists and craftsmen, the SCM engraving system enables you to produce elaborately engraved custom designs that match the skills of the finest engravers. If you're an artist, it'll enhance your skills - but with the SCM system, the only talent you really need for engraving success is the ability to trace a line. A product of extensive research and development, the SCM system incorporates leading-edge technological innovations into a truly revolutionary portable engraving system. Manufactured from the highest quality materials, it can be yours for hundreds of dollars less than competitive systems, so start-up costs are honestly affordable. It's easy to use, it's fast, it's fun - and your potential for success is only limited by your own imagination!

The Growing Demand for Engraving

Multi-stage CarvingMore and more people are buying personalized engraving today, both for decorative purposes and to protect valuables with identification. They add names, initials, company logos, custom designs and more to all kinds of items: glassware and gifts, trophies and awards, guns and knives, baseball bats, golf clubs, clocks, cameras, eggshells and ceramics, tools and toys - the list goes on! When you begin marketing your engraving services, you'll probably choose a target market, and select areas to specialize in as your personal style develops. As you grow, you may expand into new, diverse markets, and the SCM system delivers the flexibility your changing style may require.

Bringing in the Business

Wood CarvingBy now you're thinking, how could I market my services? SCM offers all kinds of ideas to help you get your business off the ground. For instance, display your services at trade shows: auto, sport, gun, glass, and home shows, to mention a few. Contract a local mall, set up a booth on a Saturday and display a variety of samples - and be ready to engrave shoppers' jewelry, glassware and otherWood Carving purchases. Set up demonstrations in local stores and meet all kinds of customers. Let area businesses know you can engrave ID on their electronic equipment, tools and machines. Run ads in the local newspapers and yellow pages, offering to help people protect their cars and valuables by engraved identification. Advertise in specialty magazines devoted to cars, boats, weddings, and other markets. SCM will help with more suggestions, but you'll probably create many ideas of your own.

Customer Service & Marketing Support

Egg ArtWhen you start your own engraving business with SCM, we'll be there with the support you need to help you succeed. Everything from step-by-step training videos and easy-to-read manuals, to booklets on starting your own business and marketing techniques.Glass Engraving We also have suggested pricing guides and special in-house training programs, newsletters and catalogs. A unique dealership program that pays commissions for introducing others to SCM. Plus toll-free telephone support at your fingertips to answer your questions - technical, marketing, pricing, you name it. Starting your own business with SCM is not a one-time purchase, it's the beginning of a long term, mutually beneficial relationship on the road to success. So call today!