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Laser Engraver Comparison.
Try Doing These with an Expensive Laser


Size does matter:

The fact is, expensive laser systems costing $10,000 - $50,000 cannot carve deep into any stone, glass or tile. Lasers can only do flat surfaces with a light surface etch.

We live in a 3-D world. With a typical laser engraver system, you can only laser engrave on flat surfaces. With the laser-like detail from using the SCM High Speed engraving and Jet Stream Systems, you are unlimited . flat, round, irregular, glass, stone, any shape and size. You can produce laser precision detail on almost any surface: wood, glass, stone, metal, even a fragile eggshell! The best part is you can carve deep into stone, glass, tile. There is a reason you don't see and of these surfaces on and laser engraver sites - they can't do it!

The systems from SCM are portable. You can go on-site to carve your designs on projects that are in place like large signs, windows, monuments and many more.

From prototype to production, the SCM High Speed System can do it all, as a matter of fact, our systems can produce it much quicker because you don't have all the time consuming set up for your one-of-a-kind projects.

As you can see, the difference is clear. SCM's Photo Image Jet Stream can produce the same results as the expensive laser engraver with the deep carving and have the flexibility on more surfaces. See for yourself ... watch our online video and you will see just how easy these systems are to use. Take a look at our photo gallery to see for yourself.

Let's Compare:
Features Photo image / Jetstream Laser Engravers
Portable on site carving Yes Nope
Irregular Shapes Yes Only Flat
Stone deep carving Yes Light surface etch only
Glass (Any Depth) Yes Light surface etch only
Acrylic Yes Only Flat
Any size limitation None Only Flat
Wood (Any Depth) Yes Nope
Egg Shell Yes Nope
Marketing Support Yes Nope
Pricing Guide Yes Nope
Glass Multi stage Carving Yes Nope
Textured surface Yes Nope
Ceramic tile (Any Depth) Yes Light surface etch only
We Live in a 3-D World!
Why would you settle for a laser engraver that limits you to only flat surfaces and small sizes?
Every Surface becomes a canvas!
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