Magnum Force Cutter

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Large format stencil cutter designed to cut SCM’s thick blast mask
  • Complete Video Training Program
  • Heavy Duty Servo Motors
  • Toll-Free Technical Support (Lifetime)
  • Easy to Use Windows Software

FREE with order

  • Rustic Wildlife & Tropical Designs
    $180 Value
  • Roll of 42 Mil Blast Mask 15" x 30ft
    $129.95 Value
  • Roll of Transfer Tape
    $15 Value
  • Stand & Basket
    $250 Value

Total Bonus Value: $550.00

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Allows you to do deep carving into any type of stones, bricks, subdivision signs, glass windows, doors, and tabletops.

Complete Video Training Included

  • We take you through step by step as if you have never touched a computer before
  • There will be no guesswork and you will feel like you have been using it for 30+ years in no time

This System Can Do it All!

  • Use your own images or create your own
  • Easiest vectorization on the market
  • Unlimited size potential

Import .ai, .eps, .png, .jpg, .dxf, .tiff, plus many more images with this open source software

The heavy duty Magnum Force cuts the thick 42 mil Blast Mask like a hot knife through butter.

Also Included:

  • 5-Year Warranty
  • Heavy Duty Servo Motors Drives
  • Software cuts separate panels for very large designs (This makes applying your stencils very easy)
  • Laser target
  • Adjustable Quad grip Rollers for a tight grip without wasting any material
  • Unlimited Support
  • Perfect for Cutting the Thick Blast Mask
  • 750 gram force pressure
  • Blade (Production designed heavy duty blade)
  • Cutting Software (Windows based)
  • 24” Wide material handling
  • Complete Video Training
  • Tangential drive rollers
  • Tungsten Carbide Grip back roller (Enables sure grip of Material)
  • Built for production or one of a kind custom stencils.
  • Heavy Duty Rail System (Ensures strong Performance)
  • USB connection (cable included)

Heavy Duty Cutting - 750 Gram Force

  • Cut the thick blast mask which is needed for deep carving into stone and rocks
  • Cut smooth, crisp, clean lines with ease
  • Create precise detailed lines in both the thick blast mask, as well as thin mask


The Magnum Force’s easy control panel is simple to follow with its LCD backlight control. You are in total control.


You will have perfect cuts on different sizes of material. Each roller can be adjusted individually. This is great for cutting those large designs. You can also cut small designs as well without wasting any Blast Mask.


Bonus Artwork!

  • Sample artwork used used with the complete training video
  • Perfect sample to get started with a wide variety of designs
  • 90+ designs