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Sale Ends 09/27/2022

Magnum Force Cutter

Large Format Stencil Cutter
Magnum Force Cutter
SALE ENDS09/27/2022
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Exclusive DVD/Video Training Program 
Create Beautiful Designs
Large Designs for Stone and Rocks
Borders for Tabletops and Mirrors
Architectural Doors and Windows
24 inch Wide Cuts
Video Training Program
Designed and Built for Perfection
Magnum Force Cutter

It doesn't get any easier than this!
Subdivision StonesThe SCM Magnum Force Cutter is a very high performance cutting system. SCM’S Magnum Force is the perfect system for deep carving into any type of stone and rocks, personalizing signs or glass windows, or even doors and tabletops. The Magnum Force has been designed to cut the thick Blast Rock CarvingMask for your deeper carving. This system will not bog down while cutting the thick 42mil material. You will be able to peel your designs out with ease. The best part about this system is it will come complete with SCM’s Video Training Program that will get you up and running right from the start. SCM will show you how to set up and use your cutter — so you are not left guessing. The Magnum Force Cutter also comes with an excellent software package and two blades for cutting the thick blast mask (42 mil) and also thin masks. The Magnum Force can handle up to 27” wide material with a 23.5” cut.

Etched glass-Large Glass Design This system can do it all. You will have the ability to create your own images using your own files from the popular software. This is an open source software. You can import .ai, .eps, .png, .jpg, dxf, .tiff, plus many more. You can vectorize your designs to create any size images without losing the high quality.

The Magnum Force cuts the thick Blast Mask.

Also Included:

2-Year Warranty
Heavy Duty Servo Motors Drives
Software cuts separate panels for very large designs (This makes applying your stencils very easy)
Adjustable Quad grip Rollers for a tight grip without wasting any material
Unlimited Support
Perfect for Cutting the Thick Blast Mask (It will not even break a sweat on the thin material)
500 gram force pressure
2 Blades (60° and 45°)
Cutting Software (Windows based will work with Mac using Parallels)
24” Wide material handling
Complete Training DVD
Tangential Cutting (High Performance)
Tungsten Carbide Grip back roller (Sure grip of Material)
Built for production or one of a kind.
Heavy Duty Rail System (Strong Performance)
USB connection (cable included)

World Class Designs — 500 Gram Force
500 gram cutting pressure. This is perfect for cutting the thick blast mask for the deep carving into stone and rocks. You will cut smooth, crisp, clean lines. You will be able to create precise detail lines in the thick blast mask and the think mask as well. The Magnum Force can do it all!

Stone CarvingSimple, Easy Control Display Panel
The Magnum Force’s easy control panel is simple to follow (it has nine hot keys) with its LCD backlight control you are in total control.

Tabletop Design
The Magnum Force takes up very little space. It can sit on a tabletop for easy access to your designs.

Easy Track Media Rollers
You will have perfect cuts on different sizes of material. Each roller can be adjusted individually. This is great for cutting those large designs. You can also cut small designs as well without wasting any Blast Mask.

Etched glass-Large Glass DesignSoftware
This powerful software lets you create designs as well as use. A1 and EPS images. Create ovals and borders. The sky is the limit.

Exclusive Training Video
This is a must for any sandblaster. SCM’s exclusive training video will have you up and running in no time at all. We will show you how to set your system up and start cutting right away. You will learn the tricks of the trade. This will help you get the best out of your Magnum Force Cutter.

Bonus Training CD
This will take you through all of most powerful tools with the Magnum Force Cutter.
All in all the Magnum Force Cutter is the ultimate machine for cutting the thick blast mask.

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