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Sandblasting photo image stenciling System
Laser Precision Detail
No artistic talent required
No hand cutting
Included with all Jet Stream Systems

SCM’s Photo Image System combined with the Photo Image Film offers you the ability to create beautiful Laser Quality etched designs on almost any surface. No tedious hand cutting is needed. Now you can produce highly detailed stencils that can be lightly etched or deeply carved into Glass, Stone, Wood, Metal, Ceramic or almost any hard surface. You will have total in house capability to create one of a kind designs or mass production, you control the process. The process is so easy to use, anyone can use this regardless of artistic talent. You will be able to create beautiful Sandblast Stencilsdesigns right from the start. SCM gets you up and running right away with its exclusive training video. There is no guessing, SCM walks you through every step so you can start producing stencils right away.

SCM Photo Image System offers the sandcarving industry one of the most effective methods in creating sandblast stencils in-house. This unique System enables anyone to produce impressive and highly detailed images for a variety of applications. CalligraphyYou can personalize glass, stone, wood, metal, ceramic and many more surfaces in a matter of minutes with no hand cutting.

The Photo Image process is quick, easy, and an inexpensive in-house process. The first step is to take your black and white design, along with a piece of photo image film, and develop it in the photo image machine. After the film is developed the stencil is then washed out with regular water. Whatever was black in your artwork will be washed away and is clear. After the film is washed out you simply stick it to your surface you want blasted and pass over the stencil with the sandblasting pen. Whatever was black in your artwork will be permanently etched into your surface.

Stone CarvingOur specially formulated Photo Image Application Adhesive is brushed directly on the object to be etched, assuring an even and smooth coat that is completely blastable. A fine membrane layer in the film keeps all detail together assuring consistent transfers to the substrate. Remove the carrier sheet and begin blasting. Order our Introductory Video to find out more.

The Photo Image film comes in many different thickness
2mil for excellent halftone designs (no wash out film)
3mil for light surface etching
5mil for deeper carving on stone, glass, wood
10 mil for the deepest cut on stone glass and wood

Stone CarvingThe nice feature with the Photo Image film is the size of the film that is used matches the size of your artwork. This way you never waste any of your film. If you have larger projects to create you can piece the different sections together. Scm’s training videos will walk you thru every step of the way. We will show you how to go portable with your systems as well. The Photo Image System is the ultimate in detail for your Laser Precision Designs.

The HD film (NO WASH OUT REQUIRED) IS PERFECT FOR CREATING YOUR HAFTTONES FOR ETCHING PHOTOGRAPHS. SCM has the perfect film for your application and our exclusive training videos take all guessing out and will get you up and running right away.

Multi-stage Glass Stone Carving
Glass etching Wood Carving


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