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Featuring the 400xs, complete marketing support, substantial supplies, ultra-quiet air compressor and much more! The most complete engraving system
  • 65 Premium Engraving Bits
  • 12 Artwork Packages
  • 12 Master Training Videos
  • 100 Stencil Sheets
  • Complete Air Regulation & Filter System
  • Ultra-Quiet Air Compressor
  • All 400xs Accessories!
  • Plus a lot more!

FREE with order

  • 10 Master Training Video
    $500 Value
  • Router Base
    $30 Value
  • Straight Line Sleeve
    $30 Value

Total Bonus Value: $560.00

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Thank you for your personal, professional assistance that you provided both, before my purchase of my system, and after I received the equipment. I am enjoying this excellent technology which provides a new medium of expression to add to my craft business. I look forward to working with you and SCM in the future.


Ken T.

Featuring the Power Carver 400xs!

This is the most advanced engraver on the market today with over 30 years of engineering ingenuity behind it.

Engrave nearly any surface

  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Gourds
  • Eggs
  • Glass
  • Bone
  • Scrimshaw
  • Many more!

Don’t Take Our Word for it, Here is What Wood Magazine had to say. They Rated us Excellent across all categories:

Better Homes and Gardens cover
Here's How Better Homes and Gardens Wood Rated the 400xs...
Performance Rating
Handling Excellent
Comfort Excellent
Ease of Operation Excellent
Maintenance Excellent
Noise Excellent

Our testers felt the contoured pen shape of the SCM 400xs makes it the most comfortable to hold.

In the quality of construction, we were impressed with the quality of the machining on the SCM 400xs handpiece.

We like the exhaust jets located in the tip of the nose on the SCM 400xs. The jet blows away dust, making it easier to follow pattern lines.

Unleash Your Detail

Built for Precision and Speed.

World's Fastest Engraver

Power and Control Never Felt So Good.


  • As quiet as someone talking
  • Perfect for condos/apartments!
  • ¾ Hp, 4.7 gal tank & 60 decibels. 18”x20”x9” & 46lbs.


  • Never worry about moisture
  • Provide precise clean dry air to your Power Carver 400xs
  • Attractive acrylic stand


SCM's engraving self adhesive stenciling process allows for even the people who failed art to be able to create beautiful works of art.

1. Print and Place the Stencil

2. Trace your lines and produce PROFESSIONAL RESULTS!

You will receive 25 blank stencils! You are only limited by your imagination. Print any artwork or design onto SCM's stencil paper and you will be able to produce professional results right away.

Premium 21 Diamond, 36 Carbide & 8 Composite Polishing Bits

Engrave with the utmost detail around with SCM's premium bits!

  • All bits will engrave on all surfaces
  • Each bit gives unique lines, textures, and finishes
  • Each bit is rated for 400,000 rpms
  • Comes in inventory case to store

Receive EVERY bit SCM has!

Over 750 Artwork Designs

12 of our largest artwork packages

  • Wildlife
  • Scroll
  • Water Life
  • Floral
  • Gunstock
  • Southwest
  • Eggshells
  • Many More!

3 Training Videos from the Best Teachers in the US

  • Learn how different bits give different results on different surfaces
  • Get industry tips & tricks
  • Soon it will be like you have been engraving for 30+ years

Lifetime Support

  • This service is what SCM is known for
  • Call 1-800-755-0261 to speak to someone who has used the PowerCarver 400xs for years
  • We are always here to help with any questions you could have

Complete Training

  • Over 4 hours of video giving you tips and techniques we’ve learned over our 30+ years of experience
  • Step by step training on how to easily set up your system


  • Professional carrying case
  • Store your entire system with ease

Lifetime Marketing/Pricing Support

  • Learn how to price/promote your services
  • Utilize our 30+ years of experience


Foot Control

Instant on/off control

Handpiece Cradle

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Utility Box

Hold all of your 400xs accessories in one place

Cleaning Stone

Clean around the diamond particles of the engraving bits

Finish Brush

Remove leftover debris from your engraving surface and smooth out rough edges all while not damaging your product

Stencil Remover

Easily remove your stencil or excess material

Extensive Supply Source

  • Never worry about where to get engravable items
  • 30+ years of experience of where to get the best items


5 Star Rating

I really love the 400xs. I am able to create extreme detail that I could only dream about before. Your support in starting my business was just what I needed to have the confidence and knowledge to get it up and running right away.

- J. Phillips