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Featuring the 400xs, complete marketing support, substantial supplies, ultra-quiet air compressor and much more! The most complete engraving system
  • 65 Premium Engraving Bits
  • 12 Artwork Packages
  • 12 Master Training Videos
  • 100 Stencil Sheets
  • Complete Air Regulation & Filter System
  • Ultra-Quiet Air Compressor
  • All 400xs Accessories!
  • Plus a lot more!

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  • 10 Master Training Video
    $500 Value
  • Router Base
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  • Straight Line Sleeve
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  • Dust Buster
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  • Exclusive Video Training Program
  • Featuring the 400XS Engraver
  • The Most Complete Engraving and Business Support Package
  • Complete Pricing Guide
  • Lifetime Marketing Support Program
  • ONLY 1.2cfm at 45psi is needed to operate at 400,000 RPM's
  • Ergonomic Shape for Comfort
  • Smallest Diameter for Total Comfort

I cannot tell you how easy you and your company have made this process for me. In the past I have had difficulty with buying stuff online. I have been looking to start a business for the last six years and caught wind of your website. After dealing with you, and other staff at SCM I realized I wanted to continue doing business with you. I started my business on July 3rd, just got it completely set up yesterday, and made my first sale today!


Charles R.

System One, Featuring the 400XS, Includes:

400XS Power Carver
Engineered for creating insane detail with unbelievable comfort and control. This is the most advanced engraver on the market today with over 30 years of engineering ingenuity behind it. Built for the hobbyist and professionals alike. The Power Carver 400xs delivers the optimal blend of speed and ergonomic design which allows you the ability to engrave on an amazing array of surfaces from wood to glass, to eggshells, to metal, to many more surfaces!

Ultra-Quiet Air Compressor - Hoses - Fittings (110 Volts)
This portable heavy duty, ultra-quiet compressor is very popular. This compressor is extremely unique because it is only 60 decibels (that is as quiet as a regular conversation). This unit will run the 400xs Power Carver engraver as well as the Jet Stream One. It is great for shows or apartments because of how quiet it is! The Quiet Air Specifications are: 3/4 horsepower, 4.7 gallon tank, and 60 decibels. The size of the compressor is 18" x 20" x 9" wide and weighs 46lbs. A full 1 year warranty and 8 ft compressor hose is included. NOTE: This compressor runs on 110 voltage and we can only ship it to the lower 48 states.

Artwork (12 Packages)
You will receive 12 of our most popular artwork packages that include over 750 designs of a wide variety! This package contains something for everyone. No matter what your interest is, these packages have it! You will receive numerous wildlife, one of a kind scroll designs, water life (freshwater and saltwater), wedding designs, gunstock patterns, eggshell designs, floral pictures and borders, farm animals, southwest illustrations, holiday scenes, country styles, and cake pan designs too.

Master Training Videos (12 Videos)

Learn from the best instructors in the world on how to engrave on a variety of different surfaces. Each video is unique to a specific technique or engraving surface. Each videos will begin with teaching you how to layout your artwork on a different surface, create the perfect design, and then transfer it to your surface. Next it will walk you through step by step the techniques of carving onto multiple different surfaces. You will learn how different bits can produce different results on different surfaces as well as the best techniques from our instructors. You will learn from their experience and soon it will be as if you have been engraving for the past 30+ years!

Professional Carrying Case
This sleek extremely durable carrying case will give you the professional edge when going portable. This spacious case will hold the Power Carver 400xs and all of its accessories with ease.

Safety Goggles
Durable safety goggles to be warn when engraving.

Drill Case
Perfectly designed durable case to hold the Power Carver 400xs when it is not in use or when you go portable.

A mask to be worn when engraving.

Exclusive Stencil System
Includes 100 blank stencil sheets. This is the stencil paper that changed everything for the artist and the non-artist alike. Print your design, peel off the backing, and apply to your surface. Then all you have to do is trace your lines with the 400xs Power Carver. This stencil can be used on almost any hard surface including; wood, glass, metal, gourds, and many more. It is also perfect for crafting and carving. This micro-thin, specially designed, image-sensitive, self-adhesive stencil can be used with any laser printer or toner copy machine for reproducing artwork.

Air Control Pack
This air control pack delivers the precise required clean air to the Power Carver 400xs. This assembly contains a regulator and 5 micron filtration system. This unit comes complete with an attractive acrylic stand and ¼” NPT quick disconnect.

Automatic Moisture Release
Eliminate the worry of constantly checking for moisture in your system. This will take unwanted moisture out of the air and automatically release it. Great for high humidity areas. A must for any engraver.

Ultra-Flexible Tubing

This uniquely flexible tubing will connect to your 400xs Power Carver for extremely comfortable handling.

Foot Control
Heavy duty pneumatic foot control allows for instant on/off control.

Cleaning Stone
This soft pumice stone will help clean around the diamond particles of the engraving bits.

Stencil Remover
This stencil remover is designed for easy removal of your stencil or excess material. (Extra blades included)

Finishing Brush
This straight wire brass brush is an excellent choice for removing any leftover debris from your engraving surface, while smoothing out any remaining rough edges without damaging your finished product.

Utility Box
Rugged plastic case to hold engraving supplies.

Bit Box
Durable plastic utility box that has 18 compartments for storing all your bits. Contains all of your bits for easy identification.

21 Premium Diamond Bits, 36 Carbide Bits, & 8 Composite Polishing Bits
This package contains our best selection of 21 premium diamonds, 36 carbides and 8 composite polishing bits. These are the most commonly used bits. These premium diamonds and carbides are universal. This package gives you the bits to be able to engrave on any surface. You do not need to have individual kits of bits for different surfaces.

Hand piece Cradle

Specially designed to hold the high-speed handpiece whether it's rotating or stationary. This attractive acrylic stand also has four non-skid pads attached to its base to prevent movement.

Instructional Video
We will give you a solid foundation of over four hours of instructions showing you how to assemble the equipment and thorough technical information showing you how to engrave glass, wood, metal, eggs, and more.

Training Manual
Your system comes complete with our fully illustrated, step-by-step training manual. This comprehensive, easy to follow manual will provide you with information on how to operate the Power Carver 400xs smoothly and successfully.

Business and Pricing Guide
This comprehensive guide will show you how to become successful in your engraving business. Extensive information on marketing techniques that successful engravers have used. A pricing guide is also included, including prices per hour, per product, per letter (wholesale and retail), and business card ideas.

Toll-free Technical Support (Lifetime)
When you become an SCM custom engraver, answers to all your questions are available at your fingertips via our toll-free telephone support system. Whether it's a technical question, or any engraving needs, we'll be there with the help when you need it.

Toll-free Marketing Support (Lifetime)
Including how to price and promote your services. This support will help you in the beginning steps, until your business has grown to a successful, prosperous endeavor. 

Wholesale Supply Source List

This guide will give you the names and contacts of companies who provide engravable items you will be looking for. This will be a huge time saver for you as we have found sources for a wide variety of surfaces.


5 Star Rating

I really love the 400xs. I am able to create extreme detail that I could only dream about before. Your support in starting my business was just what I needed to have the confidence and knowledge to get it up and running right away.

- J. Phillips