Ultra Carver Hobby Engraver 120,000rpm's

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High speed 120,000-rpm stylus
Vibration free design, dual bearing support combined with its ergonomically molded hand piece allows you unparalleled control, which lets you have laser precision action for those finely detailed projects. The unique stylus allows you the freedom to draw as if you were using a felt tip pen. Oil-less

2 Diamond & 1 Carbide Bits
#2002, #2017, #2016

Designed for a wide array of engraving projects. With these bits you’ll have the flexibility to engrave on all of the different surfaces we’ve mentioned and others. They’re designed especially for the ultra high-speed system and will allow you complete control for producing the precision detail you’ve always dreamed about. 1/16 or .062 shank size

2 Quick-change Chucks
For fast and easy bit replacement; and no other tools are required.

An exclusive lightweight, flexible hose with universal adaptor for easy hook up to your vacuum hose attachment.

Exclusive Stenciling System
With these three blank stencil sheets and a copier or printer, even the non-artist will create professional looking one-of-a-kind gifts for both family and friends. Can you trace a line?

Custom Designed Artwork
For exclusive money-saving projects like the very popular cake pan, perfume bottles, wedding invitations, wildlife scenes, nature patters, holiday images and much more. These easy to trace patterns, valued at more than $30, will get you engraving quickly and are included in this special INTERNET offer but only if you call now.

Complete Training Video
This video, normally valued at $35, contains tips and tricks of the trade, will demonstrate some of your users’ treasured gift ideas like everyone’s favorite the cake pan and the ever popular wedding invitation, plus learn the secrets of the gift-enhancing color in-lay process.

Carrying case
The ultra carver comes in this stylish but rugged carrying case, for easy storage and portability.

NOTE: The Ultra Carver runs off of any household vacuum cleaner or shop-vac with a standard hose attachment.

( vacuum not included)

30 day Warranty