White Stone 4 Sizes and shapes

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Manufactured in the USA
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These high detailing bits are extremely versatile and create exacting detail on wood, glass, eggs, metal, and more. These precision ground bits are ideal for simulating individual feathers and hair, bill detail, creating feather groupings, texturing, and smoothing surfaces. They are excellent for shadding on glass. Very fast cutting and long lasting. They hold their shape well. The green composite polishing bits give a fine finish, and the white composite polishing bits give a ultra fine finish.

2019 tip end .025 inch (0.63mm) 2020 tip end .120 (3.04mm) 2021 tip end .100 inch (2.54mm) 2022 tip end .060 inch (1.54mm) Note: Both green and white composite polishing bits can be used for shading glass